Level up! Version 1.11.2

Server update!

                News! Server is ready for Minecraft 1.11.2! To play on the server please follow these steps below.
                The 3D models are not yet available for 1.11.2. You can use the older 3D models.

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Resource pack!

Updated version! Now with more awesome features!

07/02/2016 Latest updates

                •	Changed all glass lay-out to clear glass!
                •	Added the countdown sound from Hunger games!
                •	Added the whistle sound from the Hunger games!
                •	Changed the design of the ladder, now 3D design!
                •	Changed the design of the Bow, is now an blaster rifle!
                •	Changed the design of the Arrow, is now an power cell!
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JSL Resource Pack JSL 3D Models Awesome Resource Pack
            * [NOTE] The Awesome Resource Pack is a custom JSL pack with additional features, see list above.

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Tips and Tricks!

Gamerules and commands

                Always keep your inventory when you die? Set this gamerule to True:
                /gamerule keepInventory true
                Problem with health regenerating even while your food bar is full? Try this gamerule:
                /gamerule naturalRegeneration true
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Live map!